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this mechanic was busy fixing leaky radiator. along with the battle these -- dead batteries and frozen lines. >> this will be $7,900. >> the furnace repairman dealing with bad igniters and dirty filters. >> the washington area is a deep freeze. it has a dangerous downside. >> i cannot feel my hands. >> how are you keeping warm? >> there is a baby in there somewhere. the temperatures are causing water main breaks. some good news out of it all. we reported last night that her
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home had no heat. still waiting for washington gas to show up. >> an hour after the broadcast, a technician came out. >> now it is testy once again. >> i reached out to channel 7 and you were there for me. >> we are back live. this is what you are going to run into. these are big chunks of ice here. it can be very tricky of re. the wind is definitely picking up. if it has not frozen by now it will tonight. >> maryland schools are on a two hour delay. how longwell these bitterold temperatures stick around? >> for some time to come. we will get some moderation in the week. it cannot call it warmer. if there is any good news " --
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[unintelligible] galt enough of a breeze to make it feel like 21. -- cold enough of a breeze to make it really 21. wind chills into the 17 or 18 degree range. the gusty winds are back tomorrow. not as strong as today. temperatures barely above freezing. we will have some sunshine to deal with. we will see if there is any sign of warming any time soon in a couple minutes. >> the power is back on that red international airport after an hour-long outage. -- reagan international airport fter an hour-long outage. the outage meant no working baggage carousels and no electricity in the stores.
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an electrical failure at a substation is to blame. >> after a tumultuous season and the worst record in 15 years, the redskins have fired the head coach jim zorn. the dismissal was expected. >> they had to do something. i do not know if it was his fault but they should have done something. there were having a rough season. >> a source reports that mike shanahan has spoken about the job. we will have much more on this story including team reaction in sports. >> now to the latest developments from the attempted christmas day terror attack. president obama returned to washington today, cutting his hawaiian vacation short by one
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day. at the top of the agenda, preventing any future attacks. more on the security changes. >> the u. government adding dozens of names to the terror watch list as well as that no- fly list. after counter-terrorism officials scoured the databases looking for problems. the president was doing his own review over the emerging thrts. when the president arrived in washington today, he faced a laundry list of urgent matters. closing the u.s. embassy in yemen where recent threats indicate as many as four suicide bombers could be poised to attack. >> there have been numerous conflicts in yemen. they seemed to get worse and worse with more players involved. >> embassy closing met criticism as well. >> i am afraid this gives a sign we're pulling back when we have a lot of interests to defend and
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they ought to start with the embassy. >> while the president was briefed monday, tomorrow he will host a large review withiwith te entire national security team to discuss the christmas day attack and what we can do to make flying safer. >> they stripped us again. >> and tears coming into the u.s. from 14 -- passengers coming into 14 into the u.s. from 14 countries [unintelligible] >> ththose changes not as quick as the tsa would like to see. in spain where passengers were supposed to be subject to extra screening, it or not trespass the tsa had asked for. as far as other countries, no significant changes visible today.
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>> a federal appeals court in virginia has denied the appeal of the september 11 conspirators. the three judge panel rejected his claim that he was denied potentially helpful evidence during his trial and did not choose his own counsel. moussaoui is serving life in prison. >> the suicide bomber who killed eight people in afghanistan was a jordanian physician. al qaeda reportedly recruited hihim. jordanian authorities arrested him a year ago and reportedly thought they had convinced him to support their fight against al qaeda. five americans arrested spoke in a court this morning. they call themselves the
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jihadists who wanted to fight western forces which they say is justified under islam. >> next, it turns out there was a third white house party crasher. the person was not with the original crashers. >> a new building can claim title as the world's tallest. find out how it stacked up against the competition. >> police say they know why an a im
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>> those were gunshots outside a federal building in las vegas after a gunman opened fire, killing at court officer and injuring a u.s. marshal. he fired a number of shots but never made it past the lobby. he was killed by u.s. marshals. authorities believe he acted alone but they have no motive in the shooting. an employee of the international monetary fund is recovering from a shooting outside his home in bethesda. >> the neighborhood can rest easier now that police say it know who shot him. >> the october 8 shooting in this affluent community was a shock. an ongoing worry for neighbors. >> very surprised. i keep my door is unlocked and i
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feel it is safe here. >> he is the victim. he is a leading economist at the imf, ambushed and shot and critically wounded by a masked man as he pulled into his garage. he wonders if his work at the imf made him a target. police have issued a warrant for this man. he was an economist at the imf. >> they are former co-workers. it was a supervisory relationship. >> it is believed mathibe held a grudge. he drove this car to get away. >> he resided in virginia.
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he may have contacted people there who know what he was doing up to the time he left the country. >> the suspect is not a gunman prowling the neighborhood, picking on random targets. mathibe remains a long way from hunt tand cups and is in china. out of the reach of montgomery county police. >> another white house party crasher. >> a cold forecast and what we can expect later this week. >> redskins parting with jim zorn. the next coach is in
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in polident toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria don't scratch your dentures clean use polident every day >> there were three party crashers at the white house in november. someone traveling with the indian delegation was not on the guest list and managed to get into the white house. secret service and white house
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officials have been reviewing security procedures after it was discovered that a couple made into theitheir way into the house without an invitation. the company believe the new corporate offices will be opened by summer 2011 and will include 300 employees. >> the world's tallest building is in dubai and called burj khalifa,. the building is 168 stories. twice the size of the empire state building. it cost $1.5 billion to build. it surpasses taipei 101. it houses offices.
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>> temperatures will moderate a small measure in wednesday and thursday. then it will get cold again by the weekend. we keep losing ground. let's go to the numbers. we will show you a time lapse. we started before sunrise and you can make out some ice in the river. we have been watching it throughout the day. the winds picked up this afternoon and a lot of it broke loose. at nightfall we think it will refreeze. if you are along the river you will likely see it frees up again. the winds are diminishing up
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agaia little bit. the windchill at 16. 34 and 23, t5hthe high and low. the record high set back 13 years ago -- in 1997. 73 and 3 below in 1877. the numbers are called and headed south. the winds are diminishing and that, combined with cloud cover, will keep temperatures from dropping. the clouds will fan out and you will see a noticeable drop in the numbers. many suburban areas in the mid- 20's. there is some concern about possible agricultural issues,
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freezing issues for some of the crops, especially citrus. some lake effect snow continues across portions of ohio into kentucky and western pennsylvaniaand as a weekend blizzard pomps cold air down and bits of energy getting into layers of snow. by the end of the workweek, a little something may come at us and maybe a touch of white snow. the story is cold weather and a bit of a moderation in temperatures wednesday and thursday and then the bottom falls out friday and into the weekend. cold for tomorrow. this push of a new air will come across the country, potential freeze conditions in to the south. the florida area may be in the deep freeze. 40 for the afternoon high and partly sunny and breezy and cold. here is the next seven days. temperatures will turn colder
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friday through sunday of next week with a chance of light snow on friday. >> the toyota sports dess, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving a forward. >> mike shanahan is in washington tonight. he will be the next head coach of the washington redskins if dan snyder can complete the deal. he arrived this afternoon and inside sources tell me that they are apt dan snyder's house. shanahan won back-to-back super bowls but earlier bruce allen said this about what they're looking for. >> what we are looking for in the head coach is someone we can lead to these men to levels they
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have not played to before. we will try to find that type of person who is a winner, who is passionate about the redskins and passionate about football. >> mike shanahan could be named in the next 24 hours. his son would also come to washington as the offensive coordinator. michael zimmer and his son adam would come as well. jim zorn was fired. when they returned from san diego. it was not unexpected. this has been one of the most tumultuous times. it has been an incredible time. they lost to kansas city and detroit early in the season. back-to-back games and then lewis came out of retirement to call the plays. jim zorn was a lame duck coach
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at that point. he was fired this morning. >> i have listened to some players and coaches and i just know that llast plce is not redskins football. and today we can start building the foundation which can make us successful in the future. >> that future is now. the handwriting was on the wall for jim zorn. here are the numbers. he started six and two. then 6 and 18 and 12 and 20 overall. jim zorn remained positive. he was very businesslike and has the respect of his players. >> he took it in. it is his responsibility to get the team where they need to be. they got to do what they got to
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do. i feel sorry for jim because he has to go through this. >> nobody is exempt. and the type of season we have had, we take full ownership of it. >> i talked with jim zorn fenty tells me he is disappointed but he will be ok. mike shanahan in town and could be named coach if there is not a snag in the deal in the next 24 hours. >> the health-care debate is starting again. thwhat is on the president's agenda concerning health care reform? >> president obama will be joined later this week by a group of chairman and party leaders to start working on the health care bill. e bill seems to be a final bill on the president's desk by the state of the union. do not be surprised if that deadline draft.
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they need to wrap up work on a number of leftover items from last year. number of leftover items from last year.
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>> it will be sunny and breezy. a slight moderation in temperatures in much colder for the weekend. chance for light snow by friday. >> abc world news coming next. >> see you at 11.
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